Who Should We Ask?

Geese Helping Each OtherYou should ask people you can trust; who have the same values as you; and who care about your loved one, or are committed to getting to know your loved one.

Board members can be:
  • parents;
  • siblings;
  • aunts and uncles;
  • cousins;
  • friends of the family;
  • people who have worked with the individual and bonded with them, or shown a keen interest in his/her life;
  • people the individual meets on a daily basis and are interested in them; or
  • current staff from the agency or school that supports your loved one if his/her employer agrees. (Their employer may see it as a conflict of interest.)

It is not necessary that board members have expertise in a specific area of disability or support services; these can be learned or purchased from others. The important gifts that Microboard members bring to the society is their relationship, knowledge of, and commitment to the individual.

We require Vela Microboards to have a minimum of 5 board members. Five to eight people keeps it personal, yet dynamic.

If the Microboard is going to access funding, someone who is paid directly by the Microboard cannot sit on that board. We consider this a conflict of interest that is just too difficult to manage.