Thank You Mott Electric

Kim and Brent 2019 Mott Electric resizedFor the past two years Vela Canada has been fortunate to receive a significant, annual donation from Mott Electric, GP; a contracting company based in BC’s Lower Mainland. Since Vela Canada is such a small organization, one always wonders how a large company comes to learn about Vela Canada and decide that this is the organization I want to support. We interviewed Mott Electric GP employee, Randy Wilson, to learn about Mott Electric GP’s connection to Vela Canada and their gracious contribution to Microboards.
Randy Wilson has been a Project Manager in the service division of Mott Electric GP since April 2017. Randy’s family has been connected to Vela Canada for many years and they have two Microboards, one for his son and one for his daughter. Randy put Vela Canada’s name forward for Mott Electric GP’s ‘The Day of Giving’.
“Several years ago, some Mott Electric GP employees thought it would be a good idea to develop a small charity involving the people that work for the company. Since that time the program has grown considerably and now involves every employee of the company which currently stands at somewhere north of 400 people. The program was named ‘The Day of Giving’,” says Randy.
Randy continues to explain, “on the designated day, every employee donates a minimum of one hours pay to the fund. Many individuals donate more than the one hour and in fact there are several people that actually donate an entire weeks pay to the fund. Mott Electric GP then matches all donations dollar for dollar. In 2017 employees donated over $60,000.00 and the company matched that to a total of $120,000.00.”
Any employee can submit the name of a recipient for ‘The Day of Giving’ program. All submissions are reviewed by a panel of six committee members. The main stipulation is that the recipient of the donation must not be a major organization, but a small, perhaps less recognized organization that needs the donations and directly supports individuals that will benefit from the program.
“The moment I heard of the program I submitted Vela Canada’s name for consideration. I provided the committee with a short history of Vela Canada, including some stats on how many years, how many employees and how many Microboards they’ve developed and worked with,” says Randy. “I also provided some personal information indicating what Vela Canada has done and continues to do for our family in supporting us to manage two Microboards for our son and daughter,” concludes Randy.
Vela Canada is very grateful to Mott Electric GP, their staff, and Randy. The donation contributes to Vela Canada’s daily work helping families set up Microboards, providing ongoing support, and giving people with disabilities the opportunity to live an independent, self-directed lifestyle.