The Zero Project Conference 2015-2016-2017

ZP InnoPracticeIn February 2015 Linda Perry, our Executive Director, and Maria Glaze, Vela's President, were preparing to fly to the United Nations headquarters in Vienna to receive The Zero Project Innovative Practice Award along with 39 other participants.  It was such an honour to be recognized for our innovative work with Microboards, supported decision making and Individualized Funding. 

Linda and  Maria Receiving Award
The following year we were invited back, so Linda and Kim Thomas, our Development Officer, packed their bags!  The Zero Project is internationally recognized for their comitment to a world without barriers for persons with disabilities.  One of the ways they do this is by researching innovative practices and policies worldwide. Their aim is to promote solution-oriented approaches to decision–makers and opinion-leaders worldwide.  The February 10-12, 2016 conference focused on inclusive education and information and communications technologies.  We were honoured to be given the opportunity to be involved two years in a row. 
 Presentation Sm   
Don't miss reading about Bree-Anna Robertson's 2015 contribution. At the conference Linda presented on Microboards and supported decision making featuring Bree-Anna. If you are a regular reader of our Newsletter, VelaVision, then you already know about Bree-Anna's love of travel and volunteer spirit. Bree-Anna is an example to the world of how a Microboard is a solution to supported decision making. The Microboard concept is transferable to communities - large and small - urban and rural - around the world. 
 Bree Anna Postcard Sm
We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Bree-Anna for allowing us to use her as an example of how Microboards can change peoples lives.