COVID-19: Information for Microboards and Individualized Funding Recipients

We want you to know that we are here for you during this challenging and unpredictable time. Our staff are working remotely making sure we are available for any concerns or questions you have. There is a lot of information circulating that is relevant to the disability community, but tends to be overwhelming, so we want to focus on the information specific to Microboards and Individualized Funding and share it with you. We will also be addressing additional concerns that we think will be helpful. Keep checking back as we will update this page regularly. 
Staffing Concerns
We have put together a list of common questions with answers. Please visit our Staffing Concerns Q&A page
We have created an emergency COVID-19 pandemic policy for families and individuals to use with their staff. This policy can be put in place so staff understand your expectations, and their responsibility during COVID-19. Feel free to edit as necessary. document Click here to download the policy. (17 KB)
1. Will COVID-19 interrupt CLBC funding and contract renewals?
 No. We have spoken with CLBC and they have confirmed that there will no be interruptions in funding and contract renewals. You can check with your analyst to confirm initial and renewal documents are on schedule and when to expect your payments. Any contracts requiring signatures will be mailed to you for signing, and you can either mail them back or drop them off without needing to meet any CLBC staff in person.
2. Will CLBC continue at-home visits? 
 No. At-home visits are postponed until further notice.
Contingency Planning
We have put together some ideas to help you set up a contingency plan for your Microboard or other self-directed supports. Please visit our Contingency Planning Q&A page for more information. 
Staying Socially Connected & Entertained
It’s very important to stay connected right now. We are social beings and understand that being isolated can be very challenging. We also recognize that our daily routines have changed and we are unable to enjoy our favourite activities outside the home. We've put together a list of ideas to help people with disabilities stay connected and entertained. It's time to get creative!
Click here to view our list of idea on how to stay socially connected and entertained. 
Sanitation & Health Issues
The best advice is on the BC Centre for Disease Control website. Please click here to visit their website
The BC Centre for Disease Control released the following documents with helpful information for people working in a supportive care position:
Community Living BC (CLBC) has spoken with the Ministry of Health and this is the advice they have received: pdf Click to view CLBC letter from Ministry of Health.  (44 KB)
We understand that it can be quite challenging to acquire the appropriate sanitization supplies required to keep homes clean and people protected from the virus. Here are a few options:
  •  We suggest reaching out to your community and seeing if anyone has supply’s they can spare.
  • Make your own hand-sanitizer, or disinfectant. We suggest searching online for “natural disinfectants”, or “natural hand-sanitizer” to find recipes.
  • Look into local distilleries who are making hand-sanitizers.
Grocery Stores & Pharmacies
Many grocery stores and pharmacies are offering early morning shopping specific to seniors, people with disabilities, and people with medical conditions. Look into your local grocery store or pharmacy to see if they have these special hours.
Some grocery stores offer online grocery pick-up.
Look into your local Farmer's Market. They may post on their website or social media local farmers who are selling fresh produce, dairy or meat. 
Stay Informed
1. Vela Hosts: Conversations Supporting Microboards and IF During COVID-19
We are hosting online conversations for families and individuals who have Microboards or receive Individualized Funding to help answer questions and provide relevant information. Click here to see discussion topics and details.
2. Social Media 
We will be posting information related to COVID-19 that relates directly to people with Microboards and Individualized Funding through these channels:
3. Email
We will be sending notifications via email, if you don’t currently receive our email notifications/ online newsletter and would like to, then we encourage to sign-up here.
Resources Specific to People with Disabilities
1. Family Support Institute (FSI)
FSI has 280 volunteer parents available in communities all over BC who can connect with families at any time. They will be coordinating online ZOOM meetings to promote engagement with families online. Please reach out to FSI at any time. See below for contact information. You are not alone!
Families can:
2. Community Living BC (CLBC)
Visit CLBC’s website for regular updates about COVID-19 for CLBC funded service providers.
3. Inclusion BC
Concerned that people with disabilities are not being addressed properly during the CODID-19 outbreak? Contact Inclusion BC to express your concerns.
Inclusion BC has some excellent information being shared through their E-Updates. We have listed them here for you to view:
PLAN is providing excellent ideas on how to help people with disabilities stay socially connected. Visit their website for more information.
5. Ministry of Children & Family Development
Here is a link to their website if you need any assistance. 
6. Ministry of Social Development & Poverty Reduction
Here is a link to their website if you need any assistance. 
7. Choice in Supports for Independent Living (CSIL)
For families who use Choice in Supports for Independent Living (CSIL), here is a letter from the Ministry of Health outlining what is being done during COVID-19: pdf Read full letter here (159 KB) .
Contact Vela 
For general inquiries please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call 604-539-2488 ext. 3.
All our staff our working remotely and available via email or phone. If you have a facilitator with Vela Canada, please contact them directly. If you’re unsure who your facilitator is, then please contact the general email above.
Don’t Forget Our Loved Ones with Disabilities During COVID-19 – A Message from Gabrielle Miller. Click here to watch video