Quotes from our Network

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                   "Our friend is learning to look to others, not just her parents for help and relationships."

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                  "Vela is a Godsend. I couldn't have accessed Individualized Funding without them - I would have walked away from it!"

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                  "Growing up, I wasn't very involved in my sister's life. I see the Microboard as a major blessing in the sense that it allows me to be directly involved in the planning and evaluation of my sister's goals for her life. My love, respect and admiration for her have grown as I have."

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                  "Vela is like gravity - I don't always think about them, but I am so grateful they are always there."

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                  "I've come to realize that with the opportunity to be effective comes the responsibility to be closely involved with the person whose board I sit on. The Board has taken more of my time, but has been more satisfying than I had imagined."

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                  "A lot of people ask me WHY am I willing to devote so much of my life to caring for my 40+ year-old son who has so many labels. But even more often people ask me HOW I can do this. Yes, it is challenging...but it is simple. LOVE is WHY!" "VELA is HOW."

How We Can Help You

  • How We Can Help You

    We are a non-profit society that provides information and mentoring to individuals with disabilities and their trusted others to take greater control of his/her life by exploring ideas and options that can lead to customized, inclusive and creative supports and services.  This can be done by:

    forming a Microboard™; and/or 

    accessing Individualized Funding.


    We are available to assist you to learn about and explore your options.  If you decide to move forward, we are also available to assist throughout the process with information and guidance. Our Microboards & Individualized Funding Brochure, is a good place to start.

    There is no charge for our services in British Columbia, but we do appreciate your support by joining Vela and through your donations.


  • Microboards

    A Microboard™ is a small group of committed family and friends (a minimum of 5 people) who join together with the individual to create a non-profit society.  It is a formal support group that may also access funding the individual may be eligible to receive.

    Read our More About Microboards Brochure for general information and visit our Microboards page for more detailed information.


  • Individualized Funding

    Individualized Funding is a payment option through Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) using either:

    • Direct Funding; or
    • Host Agency Funding.


    Individualized Funding (IF) lets you use money given to you by CLBC to create new, different kinds of services that will support you in your community.

    Read our  More About Individualized Funding Brochure for general information and visit our Individualized Funding page for more detailed information.

Our Funders

CLBC-LogoBC-Govnt-LogoWe gratefully acknowledge funding support provided by
Community Living BC, the Province of BC, and our generous donors

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